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What are the Technological Advantages of Fluidized Bed Drying Equipment?

Dec. 08, 2020

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Compared with the drying process of other particle drying equipment, the drying process of fluidized bed drying equipment has many advantages:

●The granular material can be easily fluidized, transported and processed.

●For dry heat-sensitive products, local materials can be avoided from overheating, and the adaptability is strong. Does not degrade the molecular weight of the product and does not destroy the physical and chemical properties of the product.

●Because the fluidized bed can provide a larger contact area for the material and the fluid medium, the material can be evenly mixed and conduct sufficient heat and mass transfer, so it has a very high thermal efficiency.

●The fluidized bed can be equipped with a tube-bundle or flat-plate heat exchanger for indirect heating or cooling, which can make the material get a higher evaporation rate at a lower temperature, significantly save energy and reduce waste gas purification facilities.

●Drying and cooling can be effectively carried out in a combined fluidized bed, thus saving investment and reducing production costs.

● Automatically collect important data such as the temperature of the drying medium and the negative pressure of the bed surface, realize computer control, and meet the requirements of the drying process of the drying equipment.

● The fluidized bed is suitable for granular, powder, and block products with an average particle size of 50 to 5000 microns.

China Fluid Bed Dryer

China Fluid Bed Dryer

Basic type :

According to the different flow modes of solids in the equipment, fluidized beds can be divided into three basic types.

● Vibrating fluidized bed: A certain excitation force is applied to the fluidized bed, and the fluidized state of the material is produced by the synergistic effect of vibration and airflow.

● Boiling fluidized bed: The fluidized state of the material mainly depends on the airflow. Suitable for fluidizable materials and high-humidity materials that can be backmixed.

● Multilayer fluidized bed: There are two or more layers of distributors. The air flow and the material particles flow in the opposite direction.

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